Customer Friendly Services


Customer friendly is a term for products, services and experiences that are designed from the customer’s point of view. Many firms adopt the principle that what is good for the customer, is good for the firm and seek to make decisions from a customer perspective. The following are illustrative examples.

5 steps for good service

Products that are high quality with useful features and a pleasing form. A customer friendly design avoids restrictions and unpopular features such as apps on a mobile device that can’t be removed.

Services designed the way customers prefer. For example, a firm may ask customer service representatives to be customer advocates meaning they are paid to represent the customer as opposed to the company.

Looking at products and services as end-to-end customer experiences. For example, a hotel that wants a service to be enjoyable from booking to checking out. This involves attention to a large number of intangible details such as the quality of pillows or the speed of elevators.

User Interfaces
User interfaces that conform to the user as opposed to making the user conform to the technology.

Price structures that customers view as fair. For example, flat prices may be more popular with customers than complex price discrimination tactics.


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