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About What is my Browser?

What is my Browser? is a free web browser identification tool. It will identify your web browser and operating system, as well as other information about the device you're using to access the site. We have thousands of visitors each day and we'd like to welcome you to our online community.

Why do you need to find your type of browser tool?

It's easy to identify your type of browser, but you may need to do so for a few reasons. First, you might want to find out what your browser is if you've never seen it before or if it looks different than what you're used to.

Understand the difference between web browsers and why it matters?

Second, you may want to find out what your browser is if you're having trouble loading a website or if it's not working properly. Some websites are designed for specific browsers and won't work on other browsers. What does the information in this tool tell you about your browser.

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